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Installation Guide

1. General Preparation

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2. Getting Started

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3. Two Methods of Trimming Musselbound

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Installation Guide

It is very important to check your substrate or surface area before installation. Please use the following guide lines for assistance with your installation or contact us for any additional information needed.

How to prepare your wall for installation

It is very important to prepare the wall surface before you install the Stick-a-Stone peel & stick tiles. A poorly prepared wall can compromise the tile’s adherence and durability on that specific area. The wall surface must be thoroughly cleaned before starting the installation. Some walls are not suitable for tiling for example Stucco etc. Other walls might require some further preparation work before you are ready for your installation.


Cleaning the area before installation

Clean the surface with a powerful GREASE-REMOVER such as TSP (Tri-Sodium Phosphate) or sugar soap. Make sure that you allow enough time for the surface to dry properly. Gently scrub the painted surfaces with fine sandpaper (1200 grit) for ultimate adhesion. This will remove the oily or glossy layer of the paint and give the tiles better adhesion upon installation.


Tile and surface temperature

​The temperature of the wall and tiles should be at least 18 - 20°C for about 12 hours before installation. It is best to try and keep it above this temperature for 24 hours afterward. The adhesive pad at the back does not stick well to wet or cool surfaces. This might be more of an issue during the winter months as your wall temperature is often lower than your room temperature. So please check that the walls are kept dry and moderately warm upon installation.


Push firmly on all the grout lines

Make sure you press ALL the natural lines of the Stick-a-Stone tiles firmly after installation as this will prevent curling. Also please avoid touching the adhesive side of the tiles. This might compromise the adhesion layer and eventually prevent permanent adhesion on the surface.

Recommended surfaces

These surfaces will provide good quality results:

  • Wall Panel (Acrylic)

  • Smooth ceramic or porcelain tiles on a backsplash.

  • Smooth glass tiles or glass on a backsplash.

  • Wall linoleum.

  • Mirrors

  • Wallpaper (Peel off any loose paper or corners, prepare the substrate and install Stick-a-Stone over the top).

Non-recommended surfaces

These surfaces will not be suitable for Stick-a-Stone:

  • Stucco wall (not sufficiently flat).

  • Stone wall (not sufficiently flat).

  • Unfinished wall such gypsum or plaster (this requires primer paint first).

  • Unpainted plywood (paint with primer before installing tiles).

  • Add additional texture with sanding paper where required.

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Contact us for any additional information

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