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MusselBound Mat is a white, double-sided adhesive tile mat that replaces messy and difficult to use mortar (aka thinset or mastic) with “Peel and Stick Simplicity.”  Installing wall tile is so much faster and easier with MusselBound.  Whether you are a tile-setting professional who wants to GROUT THE SAME DAY, or a do-it-yourselfer, new tile can be installed in three easy steps – PEEL, SET and GROUT. Each roll of MusselBound covers 1.39 square meters of tiling surface.  


Please follow this link for assistance within the United States:


For over 10 years, MusselBound has designed and developed DIY friendly products to make adding the beauty of wall tile EASY, CLEAN and QUICK. We think that installing a backsplash shouldn’t require messy, difficult-to-use mortar that… BTW… was invented 3,000 years ago… and is still a bucket of mud.

So, isn’t it time you ask yourself – why mess with mortar, when you can MusselBound instead?

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