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Frequently Asked Questions for Stick-a-Stone

Due to the always changing construction processes and environments, we have thought it well to add a few of our frequently asked questions to assist you when making your decision for Stick-a-Stone.

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Can it be used in a shower?

We do not recommend using our tiles in the shower.
The surface of our tiles is waterproof, but overlapping parts can be weakened in places like showers where they will be constantly exposed to water.
Please make sure that your walls are completely dry, and carefully overlap edges when you install the tiles.
After that, there should be no issues with the moisture.


How do I cut the tile

Stick-a-Stone can easily be cut using a grinder with a diamond blade or alternatively, a sharp pair of utility scissors from your local hardware store. 

Industrial Tools
Floor Adhesive for Tiling


Do I need a tiler to install it?

Stick-a-Stone is a DIY product and can be installed with standard tile measuring and installation knowledge. The peel and stick application is completely DIY safe. It does however depend on the complexity of your project and a tiler can be used for more intricate work if required.


Can it be used externally?

Stick-a-Stone is not recommended to be used externally due to harsh weather conditions in New Zealand. If you would like a stone finish externally, please ask us about Slenderstone for external applications. 

Dry Dead Trees
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Can I stick it on-top of my existing tiles?

Stick-a-Stone sticks to any tiled surface as long as it is reasonably flat and cleaned beforehand. The product will only feature well if the substrate or surface of the wall is sound. It will stick to ceramic, porcelain or even polished porcelain tiles. Some additional adhesives might be required on some surfaces. 


How long does it take to install?

It depends on your area. A standard installation could take about an hour for about 2-4m2. This may vary due to the amount of cutting that is needed around electrical sockets etc. It will all depend on the amount of cutting that is involved on an individual project. Each project will be different and therefore the above. 

Checking Time
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Do I need additional adhesives?

No adhesive is needed when using the peel & stick system. The tile comes with its own sticky adhesive backing and applies within seconds. Some wet areas might need additional adhesion and technical info. 


Can it be removed easily?

Once applied, the Stick-a-Stone tile sets quickly and is very difficult to remove. It's sticky backing is manufactured to stick permanently. So, our advice is to measure your area twice and make sure before you try and stick once. 

Wallpaper Removal
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How long before it dries?

Stick-a-Stone is a quick drying, stick on, application. Once the tile is stuck to the surface of the wall, it will have an immediate bond and will be difficult to remove. Therefore, please measure twice and stick once. 


Does it need to be sealed?

Stick-a-Stone is a real natural stone product and would need to be sealed in semi-permanent wet areas. For example, backsplashes, bathrooms and anywhere that water is prevalent. There are various products available on the market, but we recommend a NON- COLOUR ENHANCING PENETRATING SEALER. This will be available at most major retailers. 

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How do you finish off the edges?

You can overlap the two tiles where they meet on corners. Alternatively, you are welcome to use a finishing off tile trim on the corners. Neutral cure silicones can also be used to fill some gaps between the plug cut outs and some cornered areas. 


Do you get batch variations?

There might be batch variations when ordering Stick-a-Stone at different time periods. This is due to the fact that the product gets quarried naturally and the colours might change depending on the area it gets quarried from. 

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