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Slate Grey Natural Stone tiles are stiff and firm, not thin and fragile.

The product is sold per box and has 10 panels of 150mm x 600mm per box for a total of 0.9m2/box.

This dark stone finish is perfect for a statement wall or if you have an area that shows a lot of dirt etc. (Fireplaces etc)

Our stone tiles use a PEEL & STICK system. So, no additional glue, grout or mortar is required.

You install them one by one from the bottom by positioning the tile and then pressing firmly until it holds. You can also install these tiles on a curved wall and but this may require additional glue. (Please contact us for more information on this)

These natural stone tiles are sure to create texture and give you a modern design for areas like your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or just for a feature wall.

Stick-a-Stone is perfect for the your Tiny home as it only weighs 3kg's per m2 and can be used in multiple areas.


Benefits of using Stick-a-Stone Peel & Stick tiles:

  • Bigger size than normal peel and stick tiles
  • Made up of real stone  to give you a natural stone texture
  • Peel and stick tile with strong adhesive
  • Safe and natural materials
  • Heat and Humidity Resistant
  • Easy to cut and trim
  • Lightweight and fast installation
  • Product gives you a modern effect, but works well in areas like fireplaces or stair treads.


Slate Grey Peel & Stick 3D Panel (150mm x 600mm) - 10 per box

$95.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price
0.9 Square meters
Color: Black
    • 👍[PREMIUM QUALITY] 600mm x 150mm. Hand-crafted real natural stone veneers.
    • ✂️[EASY TO INSTALL] Simply peel the backing and stick! No additional grout or mortar needed and no mess.
    • ⏰[DURABLE] Resistant to heat, water, moisture, and humidity.
    • 🏘️[APPLICATION] Apply on all untextured and even surfaces. Stick one sheet to check wall compatibility for at least 24 hours before continuing application.
    • 🆘[NEED FURTHER ASSISTANCE?] Your satisfaction is important to us. For any additional questions or concerns, please email us:
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