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Penetrating Sealer is an economical, no sheen, water based penetrating / impregnating sealer for all porous interior & exterior natural stone (including around salt water swimming pools). Formulated to provide excellent protection. Perfect for very porous stone and tile. An ideal sealer for concrete, sandstone & brick.


Aquamix Penetrating Sealer 946ml

SKU: 678194
946 Milliliters
    • Excellent stain protection
    • May be used as a pre-grouting sealer
    • Allows moisture vapour transmission
    • No-sheen natural look
    • Does not alter the slip resistance of the seal surface
    • Easy to use
    • Water-based, non VOC formula
    • Lasts up to 5 years
  • As a natural look sealer for all porous natural stone surfaces (such as sandstone, slate, marble, limestone, granite, bluestone / basalt) unglazed tiles, porcelain tiles, clay pavers, concrete, brick, masonry, terracotta and grout. For interior and exterior use.

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